İZOFEN PLASTİK SANAYİ is a geosynthetic materials application, production and sales company with 100% Turkish capital, established to meet the needs of the infrastructure, construction sector and contribute to the country’s industry, operating with the experience of many years.

İZOFEN PLASTİK SANAYİ , which provides the production, application and sales of products that offer maximum benefit to the construction sector, takes place.

It serves with its solutions suitable for the purpose in all projects.

The production line is state-of-the-art, and it continues its R&D activities with its own laboratory and experienced and competent staff in order to meet the needs of the sector.

Our Mission

Expertise, Discipline and Precision

  • To keep customer satisfaction above all else.
  • To be open to change and development.
  • To be convinced and enthusiastic about doing the best in what he does.
  • Not to forget that our most important capital is human resources.
  • Creating funds, financial resources and qualified workforce for continuous improvement.
  • Having a superior ethical and moral understanding of our work.
  • The business culture, reputation and ideals of our company, personal
  • Knowing that our earnings come before.
  • To show tolerance and respect for ideals in superior-subordinate relations.

Our vision

Following the latest technology and applications and staying up to date.

  • Working with the awareness that service quality and reliability are related to the life of people and the life of their buildings.
  • To produce useful and high quality services without compromising our principles by keeping moral quality at the top of our products and services.
  • Keeping all the material and moral resources and talents of our company alive in order to achieve perfection, to mobilize all our strength for the best service.
  • To make İZOFEN one of the respected and exemplary brands in the plastic industry sector.
    To provide 100% customer happiness.